The B&B idea hatched by the property was followed by the project developed by surveyor
Maurizio Servolini in collaboration with architects Gabriele Bulichelli and Giulia Bertin.

The works were carried out by the firms:

  • Viomar di Michele Milone – construction
  • Alessandro Catania – plumbing
  • STE Impianti di Stefano Sarto – electricity and home automation
  • Lorenzo Quercioli – thermotechnology
  • Giumar –windows and doors
  • Chiavistello – opening and management systems
  • Mollica Marino – sanitary ware and radiators
  • Spiga Ceramiche – bathroom wall tiles
  • Paesaggi d’acqua – floors
  • FAS Italia – furniture
  • Gani – tents and accessories
  • 52 Weeks – ambient fragrances and  accessories
  • Un Mondo di Fiori – ornamental plants

The website was created by DR1 Webland by Lorenzo Di Maria

Photographic images used for room decoration are by Massimiliano Lazzi.

Cecina, the Pine Forest and the Sea

The Cecina Area


Cecina is a town on the Etruscan Coast of very ancient origins; some finds date the first settlements in this area as far back as the Neolithic period.

The area-inhabited also in Etruscan times- owes its name to the Etruscan consul Albino Cecina, who ordered the construction of a villa whose remains can still be visited today in San Vincenzino.

Nowadays Cecina is a lively locality, where it is pleasant to stroll through the quiet streets of the center, meeting places for young people and families.

Marina di Cecina

Marina di Cecina is a seaside resort on the Etruscan Coast surrounded by vast, centuries-old maritime pine forests that overlook the fifteen-kilometer-long sandy shore constituting the Tomboli di Cecina Biogenetic Nature Reserve. The clear, deep-blue sea laps a long, wide beach of soft sand fringed by green Mediterranean scrub.

Along the shoreline alternate large stretches of free beach and long-standing bathing establishments. These beaches have received the prestigious Blue Flag award every year since 2006.