The B&B idea hatched by the property was followed by the project developed by surveyor
Maurizio Servolini in collaboration with architects Gabriele Bulichelli and Giulia Bertin.

The works were carried out by the firms:

  • Viomar di Michele Milone – construction
  • Alessandro Catania – plumbing
  • STE Impianti di Stefano Sarto – electricity and home automation
  • Lorenzo Quercioli – thermotechnology
  • Giumar –windows and doors
  • Chiavistello – opening and management systems
  • Mollica Marino – sanitary ware and radiators
  • Spiga Ceramiche – bathroom wall tiles
  • Paesaggi d’acqua – floors
  • FAS Italia – furniture
  • Gani – tents and accessories
  • 52 Weeks – ambient fragrances and  accessories
  • Un Mondo di Fiori – ornamental plants

The website was created by DR1 Webland by Lorenzo Di Maria

Photographic images used for room decoration are by Massimiliano Lazzi.


Philosophy of our Bed & Breakfast

Our energy friendly facility

With the name Toscana da aMare, we obviously intended to make a precise reference to the beautiful region in which we are located. The five rooms we have prepared for our guests are named and inspired by the places in the territory of the Tuscan coast: Pineta, Vigna, Collina, Bolgheri and Mare.

Each room features a giant picture (photo on canvas) that recalls the theme; some small canvases recall details related to the reference name. The dominant walls of the rooms are painted the main color, which we also find in the walls of the respective bathrooms, which are large and equipped with comfortable shower stalls.

The rooms are completely soundproofed to protect guests from any noise from outside, but also internally to ensure relaxation and one’s privacy during the stay.


A new accommodation facility designed in 2023 and finished in 2024 could not fail to be fully automated. In fact, with us, the booking, check-in and door-opening processes are entrusted to IT and home automation.

A thoughtful choice made by the ownership and aimed at speeding up the processes of welcoming guests to the facility in an easy and privacy-conscious manner.
Similarly automated are the processes of sending data to the Questura’s Lodging Portal, ISTAT and the Municipality for the Tourist Tax.


In order to ensure the safety of our guests, we have had an armored door installed at the entrance to the apartment, which will automatically engage the bolts when closing. At the entrance, outside and inside, again for security reasons, two smart cameras have been installed.
Finally, there is a safe in each room so that guests can safely store valuables during their stay.


In designing the Toscana da aMare B&B we looked at the details, you will see by trying it out, but above all we were careful to limit energy consumption so as not to harm the environment too much.

For example, our hot water boilers are heat pump, not resistance heaters, so they consume less than one-third as much energy as conventional ones. We have two of them: the first one is constantly running to ensure services at all times of the day, but when room occupancy increases, the intelligent automated system will also start the second one so that all our customers can take care of their bodies in comfort and without waiting.

To avoid energy waste, we have equipped the rooms with presence control, so when the room is found to be empty, the system will cut off the air conditioning, as well as when the window is opened. Where only one of the guests leaves and the other stays in the room, it will be possible, for those who remain, to bypass the energy-friendly automatism and reactivate the services by simply pressing the appropriate button located at the entrance to the room.

Also with a view to safeguarding the environment, room cleaning will be performed at the end of the stay (on the seventh day in the case of a long stay); linens and towels will be replaced ahead of time upon request.

It will still be possible to request daily room cleaning.